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Extensive know-how in food products, apparel, and other sectors

Packaging available from The Pack ranges from apparel shopping bags to packaging for foods and beverages, daily necessities and hygiene products, paper bags for companies and schools, and packing materials for parcel delivery services—a truly diverse lineup. We propose packaging solutions for a large variety of sectors and industries without being restricted to any one in particular. We’re the long-time industry leaders—the packaging professionals—which is why we’re able to provide optimal solutions to such a diverse range of sectors and industries.

The Pack Packaging for Diverse Sectors and Industries


Branded shopping bags. For all bag designs, specifications, and material requirements, our in-house designers deliver.

Food and beverage products

Our extensive track record includes boxes and paper bags for confections, both Western and Japanese, beverage containers for cafés, and fast-food packaging.

Logistics and parcel delivery

Our well-designed corrugated boxes and packing materials for shipping have been rated highly by many companies.

Department stores and mass merchandisers

From supplies to store fixtures, we offer integrated, system-based management.

Daily necessities and hygiene products

With a dedicated factory in Japan, we have an extensive track record in pet products, diapers, and other hygiene products.

Companies and schools

Bags designed with the logo of a school or company can promote your brand in various settings.


At sporting goods stores, materials and shapes suitable for reuse are especially popular.

Gardening and agriculture

We provide a wide range of options for products such as rice and gardening fertilizer, offering high value-added design and processing.

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