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Eco-friendly product development

Product development structure for environmentally-friendly products

Demand for environmentally-friendly packaging is growing as we strive to achieve a sustainable society. We conduct research and development of environmentally-friendly products from the perspectives of materials, design, and technology. The core product development is carried out by the Packaging Laboratory and the Materials Development Section, which was newly established in 2022. The Packaging Laboratory is engaged in development, mainly in structural design of folding paper cartons and corrugated boxes, in cooperation with the company’s own plants, etc. The Material Development Section conducts research and development mainly in the field of materials and technology in cooperation with other companies.

Converting product packaging to paper-based while also enabling viewing of contents
We developed CRAFTCLEAR®*

With the goal of reducing amounts of plastic used, we have developed our Craft Series of flexible paper packaging. One feature of all products in the Craft Series is that flexible packaging for food products (film packaging), which used to be made primarily of plasticmaterials, can now be made of paper. Our latest product is CRAFTCLEAR®, a paper-based flexible packaging product that also allows viewing of the contents.

  • * CRAFTCLEAR is a registered trademark of The Pack Corporation.

Product features

  • Use of highly transparent paper with a barrier function
  • Paper logo can be displayed
  • Low environmental impact with flexographic printing

Paper-based flexible packaging with high barrier and light-shielding properties through the development of Craft VM Barrier

As part of the Craft series, we have developed the Craft VM Barrier, which has a barrier property equivalent to that of aluminum vapor deposited film.


Product features

  • Strong barrier and light-shielding properties
  • Fully filmless, heat-sealable, paper-based flexible packaging
  • Paper logo can be displayed

Development of an environmentally friendly nature-derived coating material

To meet the growing demands for environmentally responsible take-out food packaging, we have developed a safe, naturally-derived coating material. By applying this treatment to paper trays, we can produce trays that have the same level of oil resistance as conventional products.

nature-derived coating material

Product features

  • Equivalent level of high-performance oil resistance to that of conventional oil resistant trays
  • Highly secure
  • Environmentally-friendly and naturally-derived materials
  • Original logo can be printed

Compact transportation packaging material “ CC-PACK®*”

CC-PACK® is our original packaging material, developed using our expertise as a comprehensive packaging manufacturer. We can provide conventional products (Gusset width: max. 70 mm) that can also be used for mailbox posting. In addition, we can also propose products with structures and designs that match customer products.

  • *CC-PACK is a registered trademark of The Pack Corporation
CC-PACKdevelopment example

Common features of CC-PACK®

  • The gusset width can be easily changed according to the thickness of the items to be packed
  • Thick, shock-absorbing material eliminates the need for cushioning materials
  • Easily recyclable due to mono-material construction
  • FSC® certified paper (FSC® C020517) can also be used

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