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CSR Report 2023 (Issued May 2023)

【Period covered by this Report】While this Report basically covers the period of FY2022 (January 1 – December 31, 2022), it includes some information from before and after this period.
【Organization covered by this Report】The Pack Corporation

  • Purpose/Basic Policy of Sustainable Management/Philosophy Structure
  • Message from the President
  • Materiality
  • Medium-term management plan
  • Resolving environmental issues through business activities
  • Reducing Environmental Impact throughout our Business Activities
  • Product Planning and Technology Development in Consideration of the Environment
  • Contributing to Nature Conservation and Environmental Preservation
  • Enhancing Employee H Materiality ealth and Ensuring Their Safety
  • Fostering and nurturing the ability to provide total packaging solutions
  • Promoting Diverse Work Styles that Allow Employees to Play an Active Role in the Company
  • Quality Maintenance and Improvement through Collaboration with Business Partners
  • Contributing to the development of the next generation’s employees and raising awareness about the environment
  • Ensuring Soundness, Transparency, and Efficiency of Management

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