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Customer satisfaction and quality

Quality control organization

A quality control organization has been established at four domestic plants and the headquarters, procurement, and sales groups to unify quality control and improve operations.

Quality control organization


We have obtained the following certifications.
All sites in Japan gained ISO 14001 certification for environmental management systems in 2006 and ISO 9001 certification for quality management systems in 2009. We perform periodic internal audits to ensure that the management systems are effectively established.

We have also obtained FSC® CoC certification, which is awarded for paper and paper products incorporating FSC®-certified materials and FSC® controlled wood (FSC® C020517). FSC® CoC certification is awarded by the certification body to certify paper and paper products incorporating raw materials, which were sourced from appropriately managed FSC®-certified forests, and recycled resources.

Additionally, manufacturing lines for paper packaging and containers for food products at the Tokyo Plant and the Osaka Plant have obtained certification under FSSC 22000, an international food safety management system, to assure safe, reliable, high-quality packaging for food products.

Headquarters ISO14001 ISO9001 FSC® CoC certifications
Tokyo Head Office ISO14001 ISO9001 FSC® CoC certifications
Osaka Plant ISO14001 ISO9001 FSSC22000(specific lines) FSC® CoC certifications
Tokyo Plant ISO14001 ISO9001 FSSC22000(specific lines) FSC® CoC certifications
Nara Plant ISO14001 ISO9001 FSC® CoC certifications
Ibaraki Plant ISO14001 ISO9001 FSC® CoC certifications

The Pack Quality Control Activities

All sections organize small quality circles to promote operation- and workplace-improvement activities, which improve quality and productivity. Internal awards are presented twice a year to encourage autonomous activities.

The Pack Quality Control Activities
The Pack Quality Control Activities

Declaration of partnership building

In order to strengthen coexistence and cooperation throughout the supply chain, the company announced the Declaration of Partnership Building in July 2022. The Declaration will be publicized internally and externally, and efforts will be made to ensure its smooth implementation and enhance the value of the entire supply chain.

Details on the Declaration of Building a Partnership

We will focus on the following points to build new partnerships and promote cooperation, coexistence, and co-prosperity with our supply chain business partners and related value-added companies.

  1. Coexistence and co-prosperity throughout the supply chain and new collaborations across scale and afiliation: The Company will develop innovative raw materials by utilizing the technologies and know-how of the Company and its suppliers, thus establishing a system of cooperation, coexistence, and co-prosperity between the two parties.
  2. Adherence to Promotion Standards: We will actively comply with the promotion standards established for the benefit of subcontractors, including the method used to determine subcontractor income, and work to correct any circumstances that may hinder the development of relations between our partners.

Internal training on quality control

Manufacturing workplaces implement internal training on management of the ‘Four Ms’ (manpower, machinery, materials, and methods) and the ‘Three Hs’ (hajimete [at the start], henko [during changes], and hisasiburi [the first time after a while]).

External quality patrols for partner companies

We conduct checks, guidance, and education through on-site verification and periodic quality patrols.

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