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Social contribution activities

Hands-on manufacturing classes

The city of Higashi-Osaka, where the Osaka Plant is located, is one of Japan’s leading manufacturing centers. It produces a wide range of products that support society. The city is currently promoting a “Monozukuri no Machi Higashi-Osaka” (“Higashi-Osaka: A City of Manufacturing”) program, including hands-on manufacturing classes for elementary-school students, contracted to the nonprofit Higashi-Osaka Organization for Region Innovation. We have participated in this program since it was launched in FY2002, sending employees to 10 or so schools each year to share the enjoyment of manufacturing with the students. We visited six schools in the city in 2022 and delivered lectures to a total of 431 people. We will continue to contribute to the development of future leaders.

Results of this activity to date (cumulative totals through the end of FY2022)

Student participants: 15,735 (15,194 through visiting classes, 541 through watching a video)

Social contribution activities
Social contribution activities
Social contribution activities
The video class on making paper bags

Exhibition at Higashiosaka Monozukuri WEEK

We displayed our booth at the Higashiosaka Monozukuri Week in March 2022 at Mitsui Outlet Park Osaka Tsurumi. This workshop was held with the aim of promoting the appeal of the city and the concept of the SDGs. Our company provided a paper-making experience for participants of all ages.


“Shigoto no Tobira” job introductions (YouTube, Next Generation Career Education)

We are producing and posting videos of our company to support the online social studies field trip “Shigoto no Tobira.” Shigoto no Tobira is a website that features videos introducing companies and organizations to help children deepen their understanding of work and society and develop the ability to learn and think for themselves. We hope this will help educate the next generation and deepen their understanding of careers.

Gakken Kids Net “Shigoto no Tobira” The Pack Corporation Packaging Work

『シゴトのトビラ』 ザ・パック株式会社 包装の仕事

Supporting the Kansai Philharmonic Orchestra

We’re an official corporate member of the Kansai Philharmonic Orchestra (https://kansaiphil.jp/), which contributes to artistic and cultural development as one of the leading orchestras in the Kansai region.

Sponsoring the Kids Earth Fund

Founded in 1988, the Kids Earth Fund (https://www.kidsearthfund.jp/en/) provides children around the world devastated by disease, war, and disaster with art supplies and other supplies, as well as provides self-care services through workshops. Pictures drawn by the children are converted to revenue through use in companies’ product designs. The funds generated are used to support children. As an official corporate member, we use the images created from the Kids Earth Fund as part of the graphic designs for packages for customers who so request.

Sponsoring the Kids Earth Fund

Paralym Art

Paralym Art (https://paralymart.or.jp/association/) is a website where companies and organizations can purchase art made by people with disabilities. We support the social participation and financial independence of people with disabilities through the operation of our website and the management of events and classrooms. The Company is also willing to allow use of parallel art drawings in the graphic design of packaging.


Donations to Yoshinoyama Hoshoukai

Each year, we make a cash donation to Yoshinoyama Hoshoukai, an organization that works to preserve historical sites, places of scenic beauty, and cultural assets in Mt. Yoshino. Yoshino is one of our company’s plantation areas, where employees are involved in conservation activities to restore the forest. We will continue to make donations that support the protection and preservation of Mt. Yoshino.


ESG investment

ESG bond allocation and social bond purchases

In 2021, we set an investment limit of 500 million yen for ESG bonds. With this investment quota, we will fulfill our social responsibility by continuously purchasing social bonds (bonds issued to finance projects that contribute to solving social problems) and green bonds (bonds issued to finance projects that improve the environment).

Summary of purchased social bonds

Brand The 66th Japan Student Services Bond
Length of time 2 years
Amount issued 30 billion yen
Date of issuance February 8, 2022

Carbon neutral fund No. 1 investment project Investment in a limited liability partnership

We have concluded an investment agreement with Carbon Neutral Fund No. 1 Investment Limited Partnership as a limited partner. The fund invests in power generation companies that produce renewable energy and also maintains a consistent process of using renewable energy at the fund’s affiliates. We will continue to contribute to solving the challenges associated with the achievement of carbon neutrality in Japan.

Summary of funds with concluded contracts

Name of the project Carbon neutral fund No 1 investment limited partnership
Operating company Z Energy Co., Ltd
Duration period Up to 26 years
Investment target Projects for the generation of renewable energy that are subject to the FIT system in Japan

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