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From planning to manufacturing and logistics, end-to-end service for hassle-free transactions

The Pack has a network of branches and sales offices around the country to help meet Japan’s packaging demand. Moreover, through coordination with our four domestic production plants, our group companies, and logistics centers, we can provide total end-to-end solutions, from packaging consultations to stable supply and operations. As a major industry company, safe and secure production is one of our key strengths.


Nationwide office network

We have around 250 sales representatives around Japan to accommodate any and all consultations and questions regarding packaging, no matter the sector or industry. Our sales representatives meet daily with a broad range of customers, from global companies to local producers, which helps them further enhance their expertise.


Tokyo Head Office:Tokyo

11 branches:


12 sales offices:


Complete production system

Through collaboration between our four domestic plants, group companies, and OEM factories, we effectively manage risks related to potential accidents and disasters. In addition, our Tokyo Plant and Osaka Plant have facilities and infrastructure for food product packaging and maintain the high quality one would expect from the label “Made in Japan.”

Domestic Plants

  • Osaka Plant
    ISO 9001, ISO 14001, FSSC 22000 (related divisions), FSC® COC certification (FSC® C020517)
  • Tokyo Plant
    ISO9001、ISO14001、FSSC22000(related divisions)、FSC® COC certification(FSC® C020517)
  • Ibaraki Plant
    ISO9001、ISO14001、FSC® COC certification(FSC® C020517)
  • Nara Plant
    ISO9001、ISO14001、FSC® COC certification(FSC® C020517)

Domestic group companies

  • Nikko Print Corporation (Osaka Pref.)
    ISO 9001 certification
  • Kannaru Printing Co., Ltd.(Osaka Pref.)
    ISO9001、ISO14001、FSC® COC certification(FSC® C122620)
  • Nishinihon Printing Co., Ltd.(Fukuoka Pref.)
    FSC® COC certification(FSC® C134312)
  • Pack Takeyama Co., Ltd.(Aichi Pref.)
    ISO9001、FSC® COC certification(FSC® C134115)
  • Keihin Tokushu Printing Corporation(Kanagawa Pref.)
    ISO9001、FSC® COC certification(FSC® C134213)

Overseas group companies

  • The Pack (Changshu) Co., Ltd.(China)
    ISO9001、FSC® certified(FSC-C105667)
Logistics centers covering all of Japan

Logistics centers covering all of Japan

Our four plants in Tokyo, Osaka, Ibaraki, and Nara have onsite logistics centers, which enable efficient delivery with integrated management from manufacturing to shipping. We also have logistics centers in 15 locations nationwide that allow us to accommodate emergency requests.

15 logistics centers nationwide:


Supplier network across Asia

Supplier network across Asia

With our network of suppliers across Asia, we are focused on material procurement costs, labor conditions, production capacity, and quality management. This system allows us to quickly adapt to disasters and accidents as well as fluctuations in procurement costs. Importantly, our overseas plants maintain the same quality standards as our domestic plants.

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