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Environmental Activities

I want a flexible and rapid service.

We achieve customer satisfaction by providing a service to respond any change of circumstances, such as fluctuation in sales volumes, changes of delivery destination of ordered goods, and acquisition of manufacturer/supplier's inventory information.

The Pack soulutions Supply maintenance capability that ensures your supply lead time is kept to a minimum

Through not only our links with domestic production bases, but also our network of 26 offices across the country, we are able to keep supply lead time to a minimum and reduce stock out and inventory management costs.
We can supply you with the packaging you need, where you need it, and when you need it.

The Pack soulutions One-stop support

The Pack employs a wide range of personnel, from project planners to designers.
For each of the more than 4000 assignments we deal with every year, we achieve a high level of service in response to customer needs through unique projects and designs that appeal to consumer sensibilities, while paying careful attention to new designs and styles, and occasionally to traditional methods.

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