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Environmental Activities

I want to know about industry trends and past case examples.

The around 100,000 samples of packaging collected by The Pack that are on display at our Package Museums (Osaka/Tokyo) allow you to find out about industry trends and past case examples.
Furthermore, we make use of our varied networks around the world to introduce you to examples of the very latest packaging.

Operation of the largest package museum in Japan

For over 20 years, the “Package Museum” has been in operation at “The Pack”, allowing you to find out about market needs and the very latest information through a collection of packaging from Japan and all over the world.
It also serves as a space for creative negotiations, and our sales representatives often bring clients here to discuss new packaging requests.

Constant collection of the very latest market data

One of “The Pack’s” main strengths lies in the wide range of its capabilities, from providing global support through its overseas network to offering ideal proposals to suit the markets of each specific country.
Furthermore, we gather invaluable information through a reliable collaborative structure that includes market researchers permanently posted in France, and incorporate it into our packaging.

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