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Environmental Activities

I want to use an eco-friendly product.

Through the effective use of non-renewable resources, we aim to help create a recycling-oriented society, and keep our planet green.
In addition to pursuing research and development with an environmentally friendly approach, The Pack has also been engaged in the “Forest Fund Project”, promoting forest protection and afforestation programs.

The Pack soulutions Promoting development of eco-friendly products

We at The Pack are engaged in research and development with an environmentally friendly approach from the three perspectives of “materials”, “design”, and “technology”.
One example of our materials is bagasse paper: bagasse is a tree-free paper made from the fibrous residue left over from crushed sugar cane. In design, we are striving to cut down on resources by creating a style that integrates the lid and body of the box, thereby reducing the folding section.

The Pack soulutions The Pack Forest Fund

"The Pack Forest Fund" is a forest conservation project that we are working on in cooperation with the non-profit organization “Eco Future Fund”. The project is funded by our donation of 0.5% of the proceeds from sales of products made from eco-friendly materials such as tree-free papers.
Our employees also participate on a volunteer basis, and work together with NPO members and local people.
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