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Environmental Activities

I need to improve operational efficiency.

With The Pack, a one-stop service from project planning right through to the establishment of a delivery structure is possible. We implement a ‘Total Cost Reduction’ system, which includes management cost reduction through movement of operations to an online platform, as well as standardization and integration of packaging.

The Pack soulutions NIS SYSTEM

We plan for reduction of expenditure and rationalization of the management operation system through the standardization and integration by category, size, material and function of all of the packaging to be used by our clients.
By standardizing of delivery methods, stock and extraction methods, we have in the past achieved reductions to transport and management costs of as much 15%.

The Pack soulutions Pack Assortment Service System

Large-scale cost reductions can be achieved by processing all operations online, from ordering and stocking to accounts management.
By concentrating the number of suppliers to one, congestion can be avoided at receipt of goods facilities. One department store was able to achive large-scale reductions to operational labor and time in receipt of goods by reducing the number of suppliers from 30 companies to just one.

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